Local 7032



Many of us came to join the union solely for better representation on the job. In fact, that is the primary purpose of the union and remains the base of our triangle. Yet representation on the job depends heavily on our ability to increase our power through organizing and effective political action. Bargaining a contract during a time when union membership is decreasing will be increasingly disappointing. It is as if the unorganized workers in the same company, industry, or community are sitting on the other side of the bargaining table with management. They are pitted against us as management argues for lower wages and benefits and eliminates job security in the name of efficiency. Similarly, if our political power is waning, there will be fewer safeguards not only for the right to organize, but for the right to strike if necessary. The law will increasingly work against us when we try to mobilize our members and our allies in the fight for justice at the bargaining table. As we attempt to improve our working conditions and bargain new contracts we all need to enlist new volunteers for organizing and political action.